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Sports Fields

We’re committed to improving the safety and functionality of artificial turf sports fields via the application of our revolutionary technology. WatSafe™ is the only single-application turf-cooling technology that reduces surface temps by up to 40°!

WatSafe Keeps Turf Cooler
WatSafe - 40 Degrees Cooler

Solving The Artificial Turf "Heat Issue"

Municipalities, high schools, colleges, and recreational facilities switching to artificial grass quickly discover the “heat issue.” Unfortunately, when sitting in direct sunlight synthetic grass heats up to 150° – 180° F. Penn State’s Center for Sports Surface Research reports that synthetic turf has been measured as hot as 200 degrees on a 98° F day. Temperatures that extreme pose a risk to the health and safety of athletes, students, coaches, and staff.

We’re here to help, with our innovative solution: WatSafe™. This lab-tested turf cooling technology will cool your turf by up to 40° F, prevent the buildup of odors and bacteria, protect against UV damage, and so much more! WatSafe™ is 100% non-toxic, non-hazardous, and protects your turf for an entire year!

Our technicians can apply WatSafe™ to your sports field in a single day and it will remain active for a year before needing to be reapplied. The best part? It keeps turf surfaces cooler by up to 40° F, protecting the health and safety of athletes.

Temperature Gun Reading Turf
WatSafe Temp Reduction Graph

The Hotter it Gets, the Better WatSafe™ Cools Your Turf!

Synthetic grass doesn’t contain water like natural grass, nor does it radiate heat like rock, pavement or brick. WatSafe™ allows heat to dissipate passively.

Our turf cooling Technology has been tested by experts in a controlled environment over a period of three months and has been proven to keep turf significantly cooler than untreated turf. Interestingly, the hotter it gets outside, the better WatSafe™ works to lower the surface temperature of turf.

Unlike other turf cooling technologies, WatSafe™ activates soon after being applied and doesn’t require water to lower surface temperatures. Once we apply it, you don’t have to worry about it for an entire year!


How Does WatSafe™ Work on Turf?

Step 1 - WatSafe Application

Step 1:Spray Application Dries in Minutes

WatSafe™ creates an covalent bond with the surface of each individual turf fiber.  This allows it to provide its full protection without the “clearcoat effect.” There is no gloss or glare on treated areas and the surface texture and pliability is not affected at all. 

As WatSafe™ dries, the compounds link together as a dense web of nanoparticles. This amorphous (conforming to any shape),  translucent coating is a unique blend of Titanium Dioxide and Titanium Phosphates which are known for their strength and self-sanitizing properties.

Step 2:Activates in 24–48 Hours

As WatSafe™ is sprayed over the turf, settling on the surface of each turf fiber nanoparticles bond to the surface nano-thin, at .05 to .5 microns (aka micrometers). For comparison, human hair is about 80 micrometers in width. This ensures the coating will not change the appearance or feel of the treated surface (i.e. your artificial turf).

Oxygen, UV light, and moisture continuously activate WatSafe’s hydroxyl radicals all over its surface. That means that it works day or night to protect your turf.

Step 2 - Forms Nanoparticle Web
Step 3 - Destroys VOCs & Deflects Sunlight

Step 3:Active Surface Protection 24/7/365!

The surface of each individual turf fiber are now vibrating with activity at the molecular level. WatSafe’s self-sanitizing coating destroys VOCs and protects your turf from stains and odor causing bacteria. Active radicals deflect UV-light and cool turf surfaces by up to 40°! Unlike regular Titanium Dioxide coatings, WatSafe™ continues working 24/7/365.

Eliminates Harmful VOCs

Oxygen, UV and moisture continuously activate WatSafe’s hydroxyl radicals all over its surface. These OH particles actually pull harmful contaminants out of the air and reorganize their molecular structure into harmless compounds like CO2 (carbon dioxide) and H2O (water). WatSafe™ is effective against many VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) such as:

  • Ethyl Benzene
  • Formaldehyde
  • Acetaldehyde
  • Toluene
  • Styrene as well as nitric and sulfuric acids
Long-Lasting Surface Protection

These activated radicals are the reason WatSafe™ is a self-sanitizing coating. Airborne pollutants are not the only particles decomposed by WatSafe™. Organic materials that come into contact with the surface will start decomposing at the point of contact:

  • Bacteria, Microbes, Viruses (including Covid)
  • Dye transfers from Jeans
  • Bird Droppings
  • Liquids
  • Oils
  • Perspiration etc

Benefits of WatSafe™ for Sports Fields

Keeps Turf Up To 40° Cooler

WatSafe™ lowers the surface temperature of artificial turf by 40° on average. The hotter it gets, the better the cooling effect!

100% Safe for Kids

You don't have to worry about kids being exposed to chemicals, as WatSafe™ is completely safe and doesn't contain any harmful chemicals.

Protects From UV-Rays

Once applied, WatSafe™ will protect your turf from the suns damaging UV-Rays. This prevents fading & premature product degredation.

Long-Lasting Protection

Once applied to an artificial turf installation, WatSafe™ continues working for an entire year before needing to be reapplied.

Eliminates Harmful VOCs

VOCs are broken down at the molecular level by WatSafe™. They aren't just removed, they're destroyed providing an additional layer of protection.

100% Eco-Friendly

WatSafe™ is made up of 90% water and the rest is a proprietary blend of titanium dioxide and titanium phosphates.

Active Without Water

Unlike some turf cooling solutions, WatSafe™ doesn’t require water to activate. Your turf is protected day or night, rain or shine.

Prevents Dehydration

A cooler surface helps to prevent dehydration and reduces fatigue in athletes, enabling them to perform at the highest level.

Prevents Calcium Buildup

WatSafe™ prevents calcium from adhering to the surface of turf fibers. Once active it will protect your turf from hard water calcium deposits.

Ready To ProtectStudents & AthletesWith WatSafe™?

You invested a lot of money in artificial turf and we’ve developed a solution that will enhance the functionality of your synthetic grass. WatSafe™ will protect your turf from the buildup of odors and bacteria and deflect the sun’s harmful UV-Rays, cooling your turf by up to 40°!

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