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About Us

Watson Hygienics is dedicated to protecting the health and safety of athletes, students, coaches, and staff by providing innovative surface treatment solutions. Our mission of caring for athletes is augmented by a passion to protect the environment through the use of eco-friendly and safe products to protect athlete health and safety both on and off the field!

Watson Hygienics

Who We Are

At Watson Hygienics, we’re all about keeping athletes safe and healthy on and off the field. Two of Watson Hygienics’ founders have extensive experience in the synthetic turf industry. This unique perspective allowed us to tackle one of the industry’s biggest problems: the dangerous heat issue on artificial turf sports fields.

Our premier product, WatSafe Total Surface Protection, is an innovative spray-on coating that can be applied to any surface or material without changing its appearance or texture. This means that WatSafe™ is not only great at reducing surface temperatures but also offers countless benefits when applied to spaces like locker rooms, bathrooms, showers, weight rooms and anywhere else you can think of.

Our cutting-edge technology helps schools and sports teams create safe environments for their athletes. WatSafe Total Surface Protection not only lowers surface temperatures, but it also prevents odor buildup, guards against UV damage, eliminates harmful VOCs, destroys microbes, germs, and bacteria while also reducing chemical and labor costs associated with regular cleaning services, and so much more!

At Watson Hygienics, we’re always striving to find innovative solutions to current problems and those that may arise in the future. Trust us to navigate uncharted waters with our industry-leading solutions.

Locker Room

Our Company Values

Sustainable Business Practices

Always Put The Customer First

Passion For Our Brand & Mission

Maintain A Growth Mindset

Stand Behind Our Products & Services

Meet The Team

We are just a group of hard-working Texans trying to make our customers (soon-to-be friends) lives better. Watson Hygienics is a family-owned and woman-owned business.

Caroline Watson Headshot

Caroline Watson

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Caroline Watson Headshot

Caroline Watson

Caroline is a Fort Worth native that attended Trinity Valley School for her lower education. She then pursued her undergraduate at the University of South Carolina where she achieved her Political Science Degree. She loves to travel and often she can be overheard talking about her next trip.

Caroline has 7 nieces and nephews and loves her family who mostly live in the DFW metroplex. She is also an active member in the Junior League and helps drive community impact by volunteering and other activities.

Her workday is often overseeing the legal tasks and building relationships in the medical sector. She is a hard worker and we are happy to have her as our fearless leader.

Cameron Watson Headshot

Cameron Watson

Chief Operating Officer
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Cameron Watson Headshot

Cameron Watson

Cameron is a Fort Worth native that loves all things with a challenge. He is a graduate
of the local University, Texas Wesleyan where he received his degree in Business Administration.

Cameron is married to Caroline Watson who helped start Watson Hygienics. They both share the mentality that growing a company is a partnered endeavor. He has two black Labradors, Leddy & Levi who he enjoys training and going hunting with.

His workday is often filled with wearing many hats in the company, from marketing to overseeing the daily tasks and challenges that arise. He is dedicated to growing the brand and its perception in the marketplace with proper management.

Cathy Taylor Headshot

Cathy Taylor

Chief Financial Officer
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Cathy Taylor Headshot

Cathy Taylor

Cathy Taylor was born and raised in Fort Worth Texas. She attended the University of Texas
where she got her degree in Business Administration. After leaving Austin, she moved back to her hometown and became a real estate broker.

She is the owner of the longest-running boutique real estate firm in the area. She is known by her clients & colleagues to go above and beyond the call of duty. She is dedicated to serving her local church where she is heavily involved.

Her duties include being a mentor to the entire Watson Hygienics company while also focusing on the bottom line. She is heavily relied on for her positive outlook and professionalism when dealing with clients.

Tim Taylor Headshot

Tim Taylor

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Tim Taylor Headshot

Tim Taylor

Tim grew up in North Carolina and moved to Texas and never looked back. He attended North Carolina State where he got his degree in Industrial engineering. He also received his Master’s degree in Business Administration from Texas Christian University.

Tim is married to Cathy Taylor and they are heavily involved in the Fort Worth community. He enjoys his early morning walks with their two white Labradors, Noelle & Riley. He also loves spending time with his grandchildren who reside in the Fort Worth area.

Tim is a lifelong entrepreneur who loves to solve impossible scenarios. He has started numerous successful companies that have a wide product range. He is the go-to advisor for Watson Hygienics and we rely heavily on his lifelong experience.

Ready ToProtect The Health & SafetyOf Athletes?

Protecting the health and safety of students and athletes is what we do here at Watson Hygienics. Our revolutionary surface treatment solution WatSafe™ will help to protect students, athletes, and staff both on and off the field.

Our Process


Contact Us

Give us a call to speak with a member of our team or request a quote for applying WatSafe™ to your field or facility.


Meet & Inspect

We'll meet with you to discuss your needs, assess the scope of the project, and provide a quote for our services.



We'll apply WatSafe™ using our custom sprayers for small & large areas. Application takes our team a single day!


Total Surface Protection

Activated by UV light, oxygen, or moisture your field or facility now enjoys WatSafe's total surface protection 24/7/365.