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We’re committed to protecting the health and safety of athletes, students, coaches, and staff both on and off the field. Using our revolutionary spray-on coating, we’re able to enhance the cleanliness, longevity, and functionality of facilities, equipment, and artificial turf. Watson Hygienics is here to assist in creating safer, cleaner spaces for everyone.

Sports Fields

Tired of sports fields sitting idle because of the surface temperature of the turf? We’ve found a solution to one of the turf industries most persistent problems, the “Artificial Turf Heat Issue.” The surface of synthetic turf sports fields becomes prohibitively hot, forcing sports teams to schedule practices and games when the turf’s temperature is tolerable.

WatSafe™ is our revolutionary spray-application technology that offers the unique benefit of cooling artificial turf. Our technicians can apply WatSafe to your artificial turf sports field in a single day and it will continue working for at least a year. The best part? It keeps turf surfaces cooler by up to 40° F, protecting the health and safety of athletes. WatSafe™ is safe for participants, maximizes field usage, and ensures the greatest return on your investment in artificial turf!

Football Field & Stadium
Weight Room

Weight Rooms

Weight rooms are not only a breeding ground for viruses and bacteria, they’re filled with expensive equipment that requires regular cleaning. Watson Hygienics has a solution that will not only protect athletes but will help to increase the longevity of equipment. WatSafe™ our spray-on surface coating can be applied to every square inch of a weight room without altering the look or feel of surfaces.

Within minutes of being applied the WatSafe™ coating forms a web of nanoparticles that prevents oxidation, eliminates harmful VOCs, and stops viruses, bacteria, and germs in their tracks. The WatSafe™ surface creates an active self-cleaning coating with numerous beneficial properties which will help to protect the health and safety of athletes, coaches, staff, and anyone else that uses the weight room. Click below to learn more.

Locker Rooms

Locker rooms are notorious breeding grounds for all sorts of bacteria, germs, and fungi. With so many people coming in and out, it’s no wonder the odors can be difficult to remove. But thankfully, there’s a simple solution that can make cleaning and disinfecting a lot easier: WatSafe. This spray-on surface treatment can be applied to all surfaces in a locker room, from floors to benches to locker doors.

With just one application, WatSafe can significantly reduce the amount of time needed for standard cleaning and disinfecting. It’s also an environmentally friendly option, reducing the amount of chemicals required for daily wipe downs. Plus, it will increase the level of antibacterial and antimicrobial surface qualities on both porous and nonporous surfaces. Click below to learn more.

Locker Room

Ready ToProtect The Health & SafetyOf Athletes?

Protecting the health and safety of students and athletes is what we do here at Watson Hygienics. Our revolutionary surface treatment solution WatSafe™ will help to protect students, athletes, and staff both on and off the field.

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Activated by UV light, oxygen, or moisture your field or facility now enjoys WatSafe's total surface protection 24/7/365.